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Revolution Self Defense, located in Clayton North Carolina, is the place for self-improvement through martial arts. Our MMA & Kickboxing Program is based on sport martial arts (MMA) and is designed to help the mixed martial arts or kickboxing enthusiast improve their fitness and fighting skills. The MMA & Kickboxing Program employ the principles of boxing, Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu to supercharge your physical fitness and fighting skills. In addition, we are the one of the only schools in Clayton NC that teaches authentic Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and has former competitive kickboxers on staff!

For younger students we teach Karate to build self defense skills and – more importantly – strong character traits. Our unique “26 Qualities of a Black Belt” gives your child the tools needed to become not only a successful martial artist, but a calm, confident and successful and person. In addition to Karate classes, we also offer Kids Brazilian Jiu Jitsu so that our students are learning the most effective fighting techniques in the world. MMA & Kickboxing competition has proven what works and what does not, that is why we focus on the modern arts that have been proven to be the best.

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