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Revolution Modern Martial Arts

We help kids build the confidence and discipline they need to be successful at home, school and in life.

At Revolution Modern Martial Arts, we strive every day to bring a higher level of professionalism to martial arts instruction. Our instructors model the behavior that we profess to sell and set a good example for everyone who comes through our doors. When you join us in Clayton, you'll have access to the best rated Kids Martial Arts training in town. We take pride in being a part of your child's development and we work hard to have a positive impact every single day. Just fill out the short form on your screen today to learn more!

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Revolution is the best my son Luis Martinez had the best martial arts training but the most important was the preparation for his future by the hand of Mr Scott his mentor today is serving as an Airman in USA Airforce in Germany and all the preparation he received in Revolution was crucial for his success I could say thank u but never will be enough

Kickboxing In Clayton

Solimar Ramos

My son loves coming here every week. Mr. Scot and his entire team have instilled confidence and focus in my son, all while having fun (and staying fit)! They are also very accommodating with any needs or concerns parents may have.

Kickboxing In Clayton

Jennifer Hartis Madenspacher

Great staff! Learning confidence, self defense and making new friends. Best karate dojo around! I highly recommend Revolution Modern Martial Arts to anyone who wants to learn karate!

Kickboxing In Clayton

Margarida Cabral Browning

Scot Schwichow, I have always been in awe at how you and your team interact with the kids. Even with a busy class you manage to give individual attention to your students and somehow remember all of their names. I was at the Vet this morning, and Patricia was there as well. The first thing she said was "How is Noah, I saw he was sick.". I could not believe that she recognized me away from your business but even made the connection between my son and I. You have a great team and we love the support and attention you give to all the students. Gold star to Patricia!

Kickboxing In Clayton

Miguel Gonzalez

When we decided to move from Clayton the first thing that came to mind was dang, I'm not going to be able to train at Revolution as much anymore.

The instruction is incredible. I've never seen anyone work as hard as Scot does on continuing to better himself as an instructor. Oh and by the way, he's an extremely competent martial artist too.

The atmosphere is welcoming, hardworking, motivating, and positive. From the instructors to the students, it's just a bunch of people training, having fun, and helping each other achieve their respective goals.

5 stars with ease

Kickboxing In Clayton

Bart Dellisanti

We highly recommend!!! Scot and the team are always encouraging and everyone there has become like family. They have taught my son confidence, how to conquer his fear of change, taught him respect and discipline. In addition to that, they also teach age appropriate basic academic skills. Thank you very much!

Kickboxing In Clayton

Anais Joines

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