Revolution Modern Martial Arts Reviews

Revolution Modern Martial Arts Solimar Ramos

Revolution is the best my son Luis Martinez had the best martial arts training but the most important was the preparation for his future by the hand of Mr Scott his mentor today is serving as an Airman in USA Airforce in Germany and all the preparation he received in Revolution was crucial for his success I could say thank u but never will be enough

Solimar Ramos

Revolution Modern Martial Arts Jennifer Hartis Madenspacher

My son loves coming here every week. Mr. Scot and his entire team have instilled confidence and focus in my son, all while having fun (and staying fit)! They are also very accommodating with any needs or concerns parents may have.

Jennifer Hartis Madenspacher

Revolution Modern Martial Arts Margarida Cabral Browning

Great staff! Learning confidence, self defense and making new friends. Best karate dojo around! I highly recommend Revolution Modern Martial Arts to anyone who wants to learn karate!

Margarida Cabral Browning

Revolution Modern Martial Arts Miguel Gonzalez

Scot Schwichow, I have always been in awe at how you and your team interact with the kids. Even with a busy class you manage to give individual attention to your students and somehow remember all of their names. I was at the Vet this morning, and Patricia was there as well. The first thing she said was "How is Noah, I saw he was sick.". I could not believe that she recognized me away from your business but even made the connection between my son and I. You have a great team and we love the support and attention you give to all the students. Gold star to Patricia!

Miguel Gonzalez

Revolution Modern Martial Arts Bart Dellisanti

When we decided to move from Clayton the first thing that came to mind was dang, I'm not going to be able to train at Revolution as much anymore.

The instruction is incredible. I've never seen anyone work as hard as Scot does on continuing to better himself as an instructor. Oh and by the way, he's an extremely competent martial artist too.

The atmosphere is welcoming, hardworking, motivating, and positive. From the instructors to the students, it's just a bunch of people training, having fun, and helping each other achieve their respective goals.

5 stars with ease

Bart Dellisanti

Revolution Modern Martial Arts Anais Joines

We highly recommend!!! Scot and the team are always encouraging and everyone there has become like family. They have taught my son confidence, how to conquer his fear of change, taught him respect and discipline. In addition to that, they also teach age appropriate basic academic skills. Thank you very much!

Anais Joines

Revolution Modern Martial Arts Marc Fletcher

Revolution is a great training facility. As a fellow school owner, I am always impressed by Scot and his never ending pursuit to provide the best training experience for his students. I have visited numerous times through the years have witnessed this amazing program in action and have always felt welcome by his team at Revolution. Excellent program.

Marc Fletcher

Revolution Modern Martial Arts Ashley Pessolano

We recently had our sons 6th birthday party here after suggestions from friends! We were not disappointed at all! They kept the kids entertained from start to finish! It's a great deal for all you receive from them as well! I'm so glad I chose Revolution when my son requested a karate party!! We aren't very close to this studio--but hope to be back soon for lessons or other activities!

Ashley Pessolano

Revolution Modern Martial Arts Elizabeth Hile

I have taken my Grand Son there since January , Best thing I could have done. worth the Money, worth the time. He has Blossomed in confidence and how open he is to try new things. The instructors , including the owner, are really great with the kids. I love that the actual owner is INVOLVED !!! We are greeted each time we walk in and he truly cares for each and every child AND their family

Elizabeth Hile

Revolution Modern Martial Arts Tony Radford

Bradley had so much fun last night at your Jedi saber training camp. He had been looking forward to it for weeks and couldn't wait to get there last night. Thanks to everyone at Revolution Self Defense for the idea and work that was put into making this fun camp successful.

Tony Radford

Revolution Modern Martial Arts Stephanie Easley

I love this place. The instructors are awesome. They're great with young kids. The kids are engaged and learning about discipline in a positive atmosphere. My kids are enjoying their classes and we come home to practice what was taught. I'm impressed most with my shy quiet daughter. I never would have known she had this in her had I not given it a try. Proud of both my kiddos. Thank you Revolution!

Stephanie Easley

Revolution Modern Martial Arts Daniel Earnest

Mr. Schwichow has turned his school into the most positive and welcoming martial arts school available for kids and adults alike. He and his staff value respect, honor, and loyalty and strive greatly to reinforce those values in the students. He's an active member of his local community through charitable works and serves as a great example to young kids who look up to him for his leadership. My kids have taken Jiu Jitsu and Karate with Mr. Scot, as he's come to be known in our family, for well over 3 years and we couldn't be happier with the net results of their time investment with this activity.

Daniel Earnest

Revolution Modern Martial Arts Crystal Barreras

Wonderful group of people! Our 4 yr old, Christopher is so happy and excited for his class every week! We are grateful for such an outgoing and fun loving staff! Great place to be!

Crystal Barreras

Revolution Modern Martial Arts Damian Stewart

I'm having the time of my life, the coaching is excellent, and the atmosphere is friendly and positive.

Damian Stewart

Revolution Modern Martial Arts Ven Burwell Jr.

We have been coming to RSD for over 5years and Mr. Scott has always been a great coach and person. My kids have learned how to focus on the task at hand and I believe it has helped them in their academics at school. Mr scott also gives back to the community in a positive way. He is a father and understands the parent child relationship. From the age of 3 to 100 if you r looking for a place to pursue the martial arts RSD is it.

Ven Burwell Jr.

Revolution Modern Martial Arts Monica Butler

My 8 year old daughter has attended karate class for just over 2 years and loves it! She has become a more confident focused young lady and made some best friends for life. I can't say enough about Scot, Andy, Patricia, and the whole crew; they are wonderful with the children and keep things exciting! I also attend the Ladies Fitness Class on Saturday mornings and feel much better since I started and highly recommend it for the ladies who want to have fun while working out, no pressure only encouragement from others who attend. And the workouts are always different so you learn many different techniques to strengthen and tone your body. So for the ladies who have or don't have children, you should at least check out 1 class. And those who have children, consider the Revolution Team to teach your children more than just self defense, but also how to become more confident and believe in themselves while learning to treat others with respect.

Monica Butler

Revolution Modern Martial Arts Amy Joyce

My 4 year old has been at Revolution Self Defense for about 5 months and he is a TOTALY different kid, since starting. He is an impulsive, spirited, strong willed kid and this school has been the best thing for him. His behavior has improved so much. His response to challenges has changed. He LOVES karate! The owner and his staff are very professional, very attentive and responsive to questions and concerns. The school is very clean. Love this school!

Amy Joyce

Revolution Modern Martial Arts Tarus Boddie

Both of our boys (ages 5 and 7) joined Revolution about 2 months ago, and I must say that they have progressed so much in such a short time. The classes are taught with great structure, and the instructors (Mister Scot, Mister Andy, and Mister Tristan) show great patience in making sure that ALL the kids are involved, all the while keeping it fun. My 5 yr old goes twice a week, and my 7 yr old attends 4 times a week. I DEFINITELY recommend Revolution to anyone considering a martial arts school. And I must admit, seeing the HUGE jump in confidence from my 7 yr old from the first week of sparring (the week he joined), to his latest sparring week, made me a proud parent!

Tarus Boddie

Revolution Modern Martial Arts James Brown III

Our 5 year old has been attending Revolution for almost 3 years now. The program teaches attentiveness and teamwork. The team is great with the kids and uncompromising with discipline. Our second son turned 3 and couldn't wait to get started after watching big brother. Looking forward to watching the boys continue for years to come.

James Brown III

Revolution Modern Martial Arts Bridgett Bailey

We've had my 4 year old son enrolled in the Karate program for the past 6 months. The instructors are great at working with these kids who, at this age, often have trouble listening and following direction. They show great patience and have helped my son improve his focus. I have seen a significant improvement in my son's attitude and behavior and can't say enough positive things about the classes.

Bridgett Bailey

Revolution Modern Martial Arts Erin Kathleen Crosby

At 3.5 yrs old my son desperately wanted to take karate. Although not yet 4, Mr Scot said he was absolutely welcome to come try it out. He didn't believe his young age necessarily determined his ability and dedication. From Little Tigers to Kids Karate, 3 years later we are still dedicated and loving it. Skills and fundamentals are absolutely part of the program but core values are placed at center stage. I have seen first hand the boys take away and apply lessons they learned in class. This school has the right values and focus, they aren't out to collect another fee, belts are earned with hard work and dedication!

Erin Kathleen Crosby

Revolution Modern Martial Arts Amy Drozda

My son loves going to Revolution Self Defense for martial arts classes and the day camps offered. Scot and his staff are all very helpful and positive. The staff gives each child individual attention, making each one feel special. Skills are broken down to make learning easy and fun!

Amy Drozda

Revolution Modern Martial Arts Dee Hile

A great experience for young children as well. My Great Grandson certainly loves it and is only 4. Great instructors. Also have awesome birthday packages. Kudos to Scott and Andy.

Dee Hile

Revolution Modern Martial Arts Blaise Harris

Words can't express how thankful I am for being a part of this family. Not only did I learn a martial art, but I gained several awesome friends. This place is just awesome!

Blaise Harris

Revolution Modern Martial Arts Summer VanRiper

Amazing experience! Greeted within minutes of arriving, immediately made to feel welcome. As a newbie Scot the instructor took time before class to provide a 1 on 1 on the basics so I was comfortable enough getting started. Embraced & encouraged by rest of class...need I say more?!

Summer VanRiper

Revolution Modern Martial Arts Eddie Wells

Best place in the area to introduce your kids to martial arts. Love the people and the program! Awsome monthly events for the kids we enjoy every single one. Last nights force training was awsome! My son woke up this morning talking about it! He can't wait for the next event. Awsome job last night you out did yourselves once again!!!

Eddie Wells

Revolution Modern Martial Arts Guy Pendergrass

This is the best MartialArts Academy in Clayton. Awesome staff and great family atmosphere!

Guy Pendergrass

Revolution Modern Martial Arts Emily Rogers

I love Revolution! My son goes twice a week and we have seen such positive changes with him. Mr.Scott and Mr. Andy are super with all the kids. I am very happy with all the staff and the time they put into making sure children learn and have positive experiences with Martial Arts.

Emily Rogers

Revolution Modern Martial Arts Liam Brown

Great gym. I attended for many years and i loved both the people and instructors. Very laid back while at the same time promoting self discipline. This is a great place to go whether you want to get in shape, meet new people, or you're just looking for something to do. 10/10 would recomend

Liam Brown

Revolution Modern Martial Arts Kimberly kandros

My 9 year old son has been taking karate for a number of months at Revolution Self Defense and it's made a world of difference. He has a rough time in school due to having dyslexia and ADD. Revolution has boosted his self confidence, improved his focus, gave him drive and ambition, developed his gross motor skills and coordination, and increased his physical stamina. Scott and Andy are wonderful instructors who both instill a sense of respect in the kids while still making the classes FUN. Can't say enough wonderful things!

Kimberly kandros

Revolution Modern Martial Arts Chris Lanier

The Revolution community is a great place to be and I highly recommend it!

Chris Lanier

Revolution Modern Martial Arts Brittany McLamb

Reveloution self defense is awesome. Our three year old daughter started about 4 months ago and has learned so much. Master scott is so good with the kids. Very patient, and encouraging. I would recommend this to anyone with children 3 and up. I think it's so cool that our daughter is a karate kid!

Brittany McLamb

Revolution Modern Martial Arts Hunter Harris

Awesome community; Scott, the staff, and the students all made me feel so welcome. Thank you for the experience.

Hunter Harris

Revolution Modern Martial Arts Melodie Little-Hand

My son loves RSD. Scot is an awesome instructor. He not only teaches the kids a variety of martial arts but he also teaches them self respect, good character traits and offers encouragement for his students to be the best they can be.

Melodie Little-Hand

Revolution Modern Martial Arts Lars Daniel

Awesome place, great instructors and great students. A real community that emphasizes both skills and character.

Lars Daniel

Revolution Modern Martial Arts Colleen Kelly

The women's fitness class that meets on Saturday mornings at 8:00 a.m. is fabulous! Heather is an outstanding trainer - I've been with this group for 2.5 years and absolutely love it! This class is for all body types and all levels of fitness - I'm an old gray-haired granny - if I can do it, you can do it! Please come and join us - you will have a blast and get a great workout!!!!!!

Colleen Kelly

Revolution Modern Martial Arts Chelsey Jimenez

We had a birthday party for my daughter's 6th birthday here. She is not enrolled at revolution but Scot made her feel super comfortable. He remembered all the kids names, and made the whole 1 hour full of activity! We really loved it! I highly recommend their birthday program!

Chelsey Jimenez

Revolution Modern Martial Arts Olivia Horne

I've been going to Revolution for a little over a year now and coming to the classes is still my favorite part of every week. I love the family friendly environment that they have there. I feel built up and encourage to do my best even if I am not as skilled as others. Since I have started I feel more energetic, happy and more focused in school. This has also been a great place to escape and get rid of stress. Overall I have a much more positive outlook on life because of the lessons I have been taught. I currently take the adults Muay Thai class and not only am I in the best shape I've ever been in but I feel safer knowing the skills I have learned. I am a teenage girl and I thought that taking this class was going to be really intimidating but I have been welcomed and supported since the start. I recommend everyone to come join because it has truly been a great experience for me.

Olivia Horne

Revolution Modern Martial Arts Teresa Harrington

Sat in on a Wednesday night class and was impressed with the knowledge and professionalism of the instructors. Each student was given personal attention and treated with respect. Kids seemed to love being here. Highly recommended this school.

Teresa Harrington

Revolution Modern Martial Arts Sea Wyatt

We are so thankful for Revolution self defense! It has taught our son self confidence, respect and focus. The staff is friendly and heavily involved in giving back to the community. We highly recommend!

Sea Wyatt

Revolution Modern Martial Arts Eric Hühn

Great instruction, great people, great place to train!

Eric Hühn

Revolution Modern Martial Arts Heather Cannaday

Professional, fun, encouraging atmosphere for both children and adults alike. We love Revolution!

Heather Cannaday

Revolution Modern Martial Arts Thomas Mace Archer-Mills

Wonderful way to keep yourself safe and fit! Friendly, fun and a great business which I definitely recommend.

Thomas Mace Archer-Mills

Revolution Modern Martial Arts Anthony Jenkins

I did the lil trial classes had fun I be back on monday to have more fun name aj

Anthony Jenkins

Revolution Modern Martial Arts Alison Miles

Scot is awesome. My brother went there for years. Great program he has going on there!!

Alison Miles

Revolution Modern Martial Arts Karla Johnson

It was a great place with a lot of fun people! The girl named Rae was outstanding and worked with me through everything and made me feel better about it being my first time! Will be going back for sure!

Karla Johnson

Revolution Modern Martial Arts Karen Gleason

The best part of Revolution Self Defense is that they also cater to adults. I LOVE the ladies' Saturday morning boot camp class. It kicks your butt, but the ladies are so fun!

Karen Gleason

Revolution Modern Martial Arts Ann Feeney

Would recommend to anyone! All ages are learning and having fun. A great place to learn new skills through discipline and hard work! Great facility...

Ann Feeney

Revolution Modern Martial Arts Candace Mongiello

I love that this is a place where my son can express himself as a young boy. I feel as a single mom it's been hard for me to tolorate or deal with his boy energy. But here he is accepted and challenged. And his competive nature is channeled into being productive. Since he has been going to this class I've seen very noticeable changes in his confidence, respect level. and even his physical appearance and energy has improved. I can't even begin to show my complete gratitude for Revolution Self Defence.

Candace Mongiello

Revolution Modern Martial Arts Jill Hunt

I have been so impressed with Revolution Self-Defense. Scot is a fantastic coach, continually seeking feedback from parents and new ways to best instruct the kids. He provides a perfect balance of challenging curriculum and positive reinforcement for the students. It's apparent in every way that Scot has a passion for what he teaches, and for meeting the needs of both his students and their parents. My 10 yr old daughter just started a few months ago, loves it, and has been inspired to aim for a black belt! And I feel confident that she is getting the best instruction around. I highly recommend it!

Jill Hunt

Revolution Modern Martial Arts Chris Brooks

I'm very impressed with the way Mr. Scot and his team work with the kids.

Chris Brooks

Revolution Modern Martial Arts Julie Smith

Great atmosphere looking at starting our daughter in a few months at age 4.

Julie Smith

Revolution Modern Martial Arts Dara Carey

They get the kids motivated and focused while still having fun!

Dara Carey

Revolution Modern Martial Arts Chris Jones

Great place to train!

Chris Jones

Revolution Modern Martial Arts Michelene Smith Evans

Awesome place!

Michelene Smith Evans

Revolution Modern Martial Arts Sonja Brannan

Jeremy loves going to Karate every week. The staff there are very nice. Revolution Self Defense is a great place to send your kids if they are interested in karate.

Sonja Brannan

Revolution Modern Martial Arts April Foor

We have had our 5 yr old in Revolution for 2 years. The skillz classes have proved to be the best fit for him, as he is an active kid and had a hard time being still and focused early on. The instructors are great at keeping the class moving along, integrating skills into games and making it fun, and also acknowledgimg that young kids are only capable of being still and focused a small portion of time. This is a great place to introduce karate skills to small kids.

April Foor

Revolution Modern Martial Arts Kyla Little

Revolution Self Defense is a wonderful martial arts studio that benefits our community tremendously. There are top-notch instructors that know exactly how to work with each person and communicate efficiently. I would reccomend any parent to bring their child or come try it themselves.

Kyla Little

Revolution Modern Martial Arts Robin Clinedinst

Revolution Modern Martial Arts is such a great school! Most of the family takes part in classes here, including my mother! My children have benefited substantially from the instructors guidance, encouragement, and example. They really look forward to getting stripes on their belts and advancing in belt levels! Speaking as a student, the instruction is presented well, in an easy to understand and fun way. I always feel like I've worked hard but had a great time every class! I feel welcomed and encouraged, and highly recommend Revolution to anyone looking to improve their fitness!

Robin Clinedinst

Revolution Modern Martial Arts Toby Goodlock

We really enjoy the experience of training martial arts here.

Toby Goodlock

Revolution Modern Martial Arts Brian Ruksznis

I have been taking Muay Thai at Revolution for about five years. Scot is an incredible coach and the rest of the staff is alway helpful. I've had nothing but a great experience in my time with the Revolution family. I recommend them to everyone I know!

Brian Ruksznis

Revolution Modern Martial Arts James Ferez

The classes are great, staff is well trained and fantastic teachers. Andy Borland is my favorite coach. Definitely a great place to learn, compete, and meet amazing people

James Ferez

Revolution Modern Martial Arts Jason Hardy

Outstanding instructors in both the kids and adult programs. A great way to get kids involved in something that helps build character and improve fitness.

Jason Hardy

Revolution Modern Martial Arts Jennifer Bernhardt

My kids love it here! They show more respect and confidence. Thanks coach Scott!

Jennifer Bernhardt

Revolution Modern Martial Arts Megan Avery

Top notch instruction. Welcoming, family friendly atmosphere. I highly recommend Revolution!

Megan Avery

Revolution Modern Martial Arts Heather Trigg

Great place with knowledgeable staff of coaches. Friendly environment where the kids and adults alike have fun and learn from the best 😄! I would recommend Revolution to everyone I know.

Heather Trigg

Revolution Modern Martial Arts Mark Crews

The best martial arts in Clayton, NC! Coach Scot brings a level of excellence and a personal commitment to our son's growth in martial arts and in his character so much that we would not want our son to train anywhere else. The other coaches, Mr. Andy and Mr. Luis are also dedicated to making all the students grow. They don't just push you through a program to receive a black belt, they really make sure all areas of their students growth are progressing. This is a solid martial arts school!

Mark Crews

Revolution Modern Martial Arts Bryan Avery

Great instruction. Very friendly and professional. Would definitely recommend checking out Revolution!

Bryan Avery

Revolution Modern Martial Arts Caleb Wetzel

My experience with Revoulution Self defense was Incrediable. I learned many ways to protect myself and my family in a hand to hand combat situation. If you are looking to find some awesome fighting techniques you need to come here.

Caleb Wetzel

Revolution Modern Martial Arts Christopher Snead

This school is the best martial arts school in Clayton. Everyone there is so nice and makes your experience great!!

Christopher Snead

Revolution Modern Martial Arts Patricia Wildoner

Revolution is a great martial arts school for kids and adults!! If you are trying to get the best martial arts experience Revolution is the best place to go!

Patricia Wildoner

Revolution Modern Martial Arts Betsy Earp

My 4 year old absolutely loves going to martial arts and Scot & Andy plus the other instructors are awesome!

Betsy Earp

Revolution Modern Martial Arts Noah Martin

This is a great gym and the instructors are great at what they do I would seriously recommend this gym if your looking for one

Noah Martin

Revolution Modern Martial Arts Daryl Harrington

My daughter has taken muay thai classes at Revolution for years, she loved the workout and I loved the self defense skills she learned and confidence that she was gaining as well. The instructors at Revolution are very friendly and professional, so to anyone looking for fitness or self defense, I would strongly recommend training here.

Daryl Harrington

Revolution Modern Martial Arts Karl Feld

The team at Revolution is constantly working to keep the program fresh. The kids program does great things.

Karl Feld

Revolution Modern Martial Arts Jessica Keith

Love this place. The instructors are great, really great with all 3 of my kids

Jessica Keith

Revolution Modern Martial Arts Crystal Oddo

Both my kids attend. It is great for helping build character and strength.

Crystal Oddo

Revolution Modern Martial Arts Andrea Styons

There is a reason why RSD has such a loyal following! This facility is clean, inviting and managed well. If you're looking for a place to train, I would definitely recommend RSD for people of all ages and skill level. The staff is professional and very knowledgeable in the arts. They take time to show the maneuvers, and also explain the physiology behind it. The little ones are not only taught the arts, but also positive character traits and problem solving. My kids have been at this gym since it started. This place is awesome and I can't say enough good things about it!

Andrea Styons

Revolution Modern Martial Arts Julie Tanner Egan

My son has taken classes here for the last two years and really loves Revolution Self Defense! My son has grown in so many ways during this time and a lot of which I can contribute to his time spent there. I am elated with his progress and appreciate Mr. Scot's focus on the content of his students' character as well as the physicality of the sport. To say I'm pleased would be an understatement - I highly recommend Revolution Self Defense and Scot Schwichow.

Julie Tanner Egan

Revolution Modern Martial Arts Kristen Headlee

Great school and teachers!! I recommend this place to everyone I know.

Kristen Headlee

Revolution Modern Martial Arts Oliver Loftus

This is probably one of the best gyms I've ever seen!! They help train the mind and the body!!

Oliver Loftus

Revolution Modern Martial Arts Carol Whitmire

My three boys ages 10, 8 and 5 take classes at RSD several days a week. Mr Scot is a phenomenal teacher who clearly cares about each child as an individual. He works with the class as a whole but also with each child right where they are. When my youngest was having trouble with balancing exercises Scot encourage him to never give up, praised his efforts and when those efforts paid off, gave him the acknowledgement he deserved. The kids have a opportunity for fun with each class, with games and exercises to expel all that excess energy! They also cover valuable life skills each week to build responsibility and self confidence. Scot runs a tight ship. He is always looking for ways to improve the experience for member families. Give RSD a try and you won't be disappointed. All the staff are fantastic and the facility is clean and well managed. LOVE their Summer Camps too!

Carol Whitmire

Revolution Modern Martial Arts Alex Atchison

Mr. Scot, Mr. Andy, Mr. Luis, and Miss Alexis are AWESOME! They are all great with kids. Scot does a phenomenal job building confidence in his students and teaching them life lessons at the same time teaching karate -- all while making it fun!

Alex Atchison

Revolution Modern Martial Arts Eric Beasley

Great atmosphere and awesome instruction! Highly recommend!

Eric Beasley

Revolution Modern Martial Arts Racheal Cameron

A fantastic gym all around, whether you want to train to fight and seriously compete, or just get in great shape fast doing something fun. Either way, this is the place to come to.

Racheal Cameron

Revolution Modern Martial Arts Addison Allgood

Awesome classes, good technique development, good work out, it's quite the positive pawnsauce

Addison Allgood

Revolution Modern Martial Arts Jessica Spencer

Our son has been attending Revolution Self Defense since December 2013. What an incredible program with solid instructors. Mr. Scot has built an amazing program and we highly recommend RSD!!

Jessica Spencer

Revolution Modern Martial Arts Jacob Banks

Super rad gym! Great atmosphere

Jacob Banks

Revolution Modern Martial Arts Vanessa Chandler

Great staff, great core values and the kids have fun!

Vanessa Chandler

Revolution Modern Martial Arts Vc Creech

Scot Schwichow does an incredible job at Revolution Self-Defense, and I am extremely pleased with our experience there! After contacting Scot through his website in late March, he quickly returned my inquiry with a phone call. His professionalism was evident from the beginning. The first thing he asked me was my son’s name and background in martial arts. He was genuinely interested in our needs and did not try to force me into a program or contract. He invited Stephen to a class and welcomed me to observe. He answered all of my questions, and we decided to have Stephen join the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes. The classes are well-run – Scot and his instructors know how to work with students of different ages and abilities. Scot has a great rapport with parents and students because he is attentive and interested in each one. I highly recommend Revolution Self-Defense!

Vc Creech

Revolution Modern Martial Arts Nic Brey

Great place!! Had an amazing instructor!

Nic Brey

Revolution Modern Martial Arts Julieann Clayson-Feld

We (my entire family) LOVE Revolution Self Defense! My husband and nearly adult daughter take Muay Thai Kickboxing twice a week. My husband (mid 40's) is getting the definition in his arms and legs he had as a twenty-something!!! Hot Hot Hot! My nearly adult daughter loves the adrenaline boost and workout she gets from the kickboxing class. She also says it makes her feel healthier and happier than ever before. They've motivated me to start taking Muay Thai myself! My pre-teen daughter takes karate twice a week and has gained confidence and found her voice! She has never found another sport or activity that she enjoys the way that she enjoys her karate class! My youngest daughter is in the kids' karate class. She is an energetic and competitive little lady and the instruction in this class is right up her alley! There are always reward games when the children do well at listening and staying on task during class. Although called "games" they're really an burst of high impact intense exercise and the kids' don't even realize they're working out! Mr. Scot and his young assistant instructors are so energetic and fun while also being strict and fair. Mr. Scot speaks to the children instead of speaking down to them. He is a true leader and it shows with his students success and the success of his assistants. We LOVE LOVE LOVE RSD!!!

Julieann Clayson-Feld

Revolution Modern Martial Arts Winedark Sea

Our daughter has been a member of RSD since 2011 when she had just turned seven years old. Isabel has not always been an easy child, but Scot Schwichow is immanently patient and makes (has always made) Bel feel like she is special and has great potential. During class, Mr. Scot gives individual attention to each of his students, shaking their hands, acknowledging improvement, and gently correcting poor form or behavior. He is a powerful leader. Furthermore, Scot's communication with parents is impeccably warm and friendly. I've admired how Scot teaches virtues during karate class through his "word of the week." For instance, judiciousness, integrity, bravery, and other powerful character traits are focused upon throughout any given instructional week. RSD has expanded greatly since we first joined, and as a result, Mr. Scot has had to hire a cadre of skilled young instructors to aid him in his endeavors. Still, Mr. Scot remains involved in all of the classes at RSD even though the school's popularity has forced him to reluctantly delegate. We feel our child has greatly benefited from her membership at the school, and we heartily endorse Revolution Self Defense and its founder.

Winedark Sea

Revolution Modern Martial Arts Dina King

Awesome coach & staff! Very impressed! 👍🏻

Dina King

Revolution Modern Martial Arts Ngoc Emma Burwell

We have been an RSD family for over four years and it has been a wonderful experience for our kids ages 9 and 7. Not only has it helped our kids physically, but RSD has helped to develop focus and discipline to do well in school. Mr. Scott and his staff are always willing and able to help ours kids and address any concerns that we may. We feel that when we went looking for a place for our kids to learn MMA skills we found the best place available for them. Not only do they participate in kids karate but they also are in the kids Brazillian Ju-Jit-Su class which teaches them the fundamentals of how to defend themselves on the ground. Bottom line, if you are looking for a place to learn or improve your MMA skills, RSD is the only place to go. We are glad to be a part of the RSD family.

Ngoc Emma Burwell

Revolution Modern Martial Arts Timothy Harrell

I have been training in Jiu Jitsu for over two years, and use to pride myself on the fact that I would travel long and far to train with all types of different schools and coaches. As a resident of Clayton NC it was refreshing to find one of the most technical and student friendly schools was right here in my home town. The whole atmosphere is awesome, there's something for everyone. Weather you're a small child, or senior; a hobbyist or an up and coming MMA star the training staff and members are great and ready to assist. There's a friendly front desk associate ready to help with any questions, or take orders and purchases for there pro shop which is stocked with high quality gear, the owner, Coach Scot, is always friendly, he tries to greet everyone who walks through the door, no matter if he's teaching or not. The traditional values of a Martial Arts Dojo partnered with the up to date training and strategies of a modern MMA fight camp. Revolution Self Defense is the place to be! I highly recommend these programs, children's Karate, Teen/adult Muay Thai, children's BJJ, teen/adult BJJ as well as all the seasonal seminars and special training events. Two thumbs up, only because I don't have three!!

Timothy Harrell

Revolution Modern Martial Arts Nate Stretch

I enjoy the classes, it is a great learning environment, and is all around awesome!

Nate Stretch

Revolution Modern Martial Arts Payton Guerrero

Great Gym with Awesome instructors

Payton Guerrero

Revolution Modern Martial Arts Andy Bugge

Great experience and instructors.

Andy Bugge

Revolution Modern Martial Arts Ian Apsey

wonderful gym!

Ian Apsey

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