Avoid the Summer Slump!!

Educational professionals state that our long Summer vacations from school in the U.S. lead to a “Summer slump,” where students regress in the skills they developed over the previous school year. Research supports their concerns showing that summer loss equaled about one month of classroom learning with math skills taking a harder hit than reading. 

Why does this happen?

For one, the kids are simply not exposed to the same level of stimuli over the Summer as they are in the classroom. Reading is a daily activity, even if it is off the side of a cereal box. However, many young kids do not practice any math skills over the Summer.

Also, with the Summer heat kids are exposed to more screens throughout the day then they are during the school year. Many kids spend their day in front of the TV or playing video games.

Some researchers propose that getting kids involved in a physical activity, that also promotes focus, could help prevent the Summer skills backslide. Karate programs could be the perfect way to keep your kid active over the Summer and help to stimulate their mind!

For more information on the topic, visit Psychology Today



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