Get your Kids to Listen Part 2

Tip #2 Stop Nagging

I have never met an adult who likes to be constantly reminded of what is wrong, what can be done better, what should be done, etc. Kids do not like it either.

"Johnny, why is your room not clean?", "You always leave a mess", "I am tired of your messes around the house", "We are going to be late, because you are not cleaning your room and we are not leaving until it is clean."

There are many problems with this type of communication and it can result in kids who lack confidence. The underlying tone to many of these nags is that there is something wrong with Johnny. More likely, there is a problem with this parents communication skills.

Similar to the tip we shared last week, this parent is talking a lot but saying very little. If the parent in the example wants Johnny to clean his room, one message stating what they want to be accomplished and why is much more effective than the vague statements with no direction. "Johnny, we are going to the park to play as soon as your room is clean. Get all of your toys put away in the next 5 minutes" is a much more clear, and confidence building message than the constant criticisms of the nagging parent.


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