Get your Kids to Listen Part 4

Tip #4 Just Listen

If you want your kid to develop a certain behavior, it is critical that you demonstrate it yourself. This concept is the foundation of my book Samurai Parenting Secrets.

As parents, we all are very busy, but we have to take the time to listen to our kids. Of course, when Johnny wants to tell us something important that happened we are usually all ears. However, how often are you looking at your phone or tv when your child is talking to you? Half listening and mumbling back responses leaves your child feeling that they are less important or that it is ok to not give another full attention. 

As I was writing this post my son wanted to tell me about the episode of Spiderman that he was watching. This information is not of vital importance to me, however, to my 4 year old it is very important. I looked away from my screen for the 15 seconds that he spoke to me and I gave him a real response.

Revolution Modern Martial Arts, we strive every day to bring a higher level of professionalism to martial arts instruction. Our instructors model the behavior that we profess to sell and set a good example for everyone who comes through our doors. When you join us in Clayton, you'll have access to the best rated Kids Martial Arts training in town, PLUS a comprehensive Adults Kickboxing class that simply can't be beaten. We take pride in being a part of your child's development and we work hard to have a positive impact every single day.


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