Revolution Life Skill Stripe Challenges May through July 28th

Students can earn a maximum of 4 Life Skill stripes on their belt each testing cycle. A student who promotes with all 4 Life Skill stripes will earn a patch for their uniform. To earn the stripe the student must complete the challenge and their parent or guardian must submit the proof fo achievement either in the Revolution Modern Martial Arts Family Facebook page, or via email. Emails should be sent to

Submissions after 4 PM on any given day will not be seen until the next business day.


The Life Skills, stripes and challenges are as follows:

Confidence: Camo stripe - Awarded in class for having a Black Belt Attitude.

Self Awareness: Pink stripe - The student must identify a skill they want to improve upon before promotion. This will be written, with their name, on the pledge card and brought into the dojo. One version of the card is for the dojo, the other is for home. You can download the document here:

Temperance: Teal stripe - Abstain from video games and tv for one whole day. The parent must post about this in the family page with a picture of the child, or send it in an email to the address listed above.

Dignity: Gray stripe - The student must learn to do their own laundry, or they must learn to fold it and put it away. The parent must post a picture of the child performing this task in the Facebook page, or send it in an email to the address above.

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