Celebrating Community: Revolution Modern Martial Arts Wins WRAL Voters Choice Award

Celebrating Community: Revolution Modern Martial Arts Wins WRAL Voters Choice Award

Over the past week, I’ve been humbled by the numerous congratulations pouring in as Revolution Modern Martial Arts emerged victorious, securing the prestigious WRAL Voters Choice Award for the Best Martial Arts School in the Triangle. As the owner of Revolution, it’s only natural for the spotlight to turn my way, but I want to redirect the credit where it truly belongs.

Fifteen years ago, I founded this dojo with a vision, and every day since, I’ve worked tirelessly to strengthen our organization. However, I firmly believe that the success of Revolution goes beyond any individual, including myself. It’s the collective effort of a community that has made this achievement possible.

Revolution isn’t defined by one person; it thrives on the vibrant culture cultivated by the dedicated individuals who walk through our doors week after week. Our students are the heartbeat of the dojo, bringing boundless energy and determination to each and every class. The families that support us from the seating area are not just spectators; they are friendly faces, always encouraging and contributing to the positive atmosphere we cherish.

Our staff plays a pivotal role in ensuring that every student and visitor feels valued and welcomed. The success story of Revolution, with its great reputation and the privilege of working with thousands of students, is a testament to the collaborative spirit that runs deep within our community.

Reflecting on our journey, I can’t overlook the crucial role played by the initial group of individuals who joined Revolution when we first opened our doors. Their greatness attracted others like them, laying the foundation for the remarkable culture we enjoy today. Great people attract greatness, and from that starting point, our community flourished.

In essence, the congratulations for winning the Voters Choice Award do not belong to me alone. They are a tribute to every student, family, and staff member—past and present—at Revolution Modern Martial Arts. I am immensely grateful for the collective effort that has transformed Revolution into a thriving and exceptional place. Thank you for being an integral part of our journey and helping us achieve greatness together.