Bravery Challenges Due April 3rd

Bravery Challenges Due April 3rd

Our goal in this cycle is to help the students learn the value of making the right choices every day. We want this important set of lessons to extend beyond the martial arts and to make an impact at home, school and in life. Please see the details below on how to participate.

Students can earn a maximum of 4 Life Skill stripes on their belt each testing cycle. A student who promotes with all 4 Life Skill stripes will earn a patch for their uniform. To earn the stripe the student must complete the challenge and their parent or guardian must submit the proof of achievement in the Revolution Modern Martial Arts Family Facebook page. A picture with some text explaining the challenge and impact is best. For parents who wish to participate, but do not use Facebook, please stop by the front desk for instructions on how to participate. 

We ask that if you do have a Facebook account, please participate by posting on our private Facebook page as it is the easiest way for our staff to track who has completed a task.

Life Skills, stripes, and challenges are as follows:

Camo stripe – Awarded in class for having a Black Belt Attitude and giving an honest effort while training

Integrity: Pink stripe – Complete either the Integrity Coloring Sheet or Integrity Word Search. The coloring sheet is designed for younger kids who cant read or are new to reading. Post a picture of the student with the completed sheet.

Courage: Teal stripe – Try a new food at dinner. post a picture of the student trying the new food.

Perseverance: Gray stripe – Get in the habit of making your bed, first thing in the morning. If your child already does this, you can award the stripe. Post a picture of the made bed in the post.

Download the Integrity Worksheets at this link: