Passion Challenges Due December 8th

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In this cycle, our primary objective is to empower students to do their best and accept nothing less. We aim to instill these invaluable life lessons, transcending beyond the realm of martial arts, and making a meaningful impact in their homes, schools, and daily lives. Please find detailed instructions below on how to participate.

During each testing cycle, students have the opportunity to earn up to four Life Skill stripes on their belts. Any student who successfully attains all four Life Skill stripes will be awarded a special patch for their uniform. To earn these stripes, students must complete the associated challenges, and their parents or guardians are required to submit proof of their achievements on the Revolution Modern Martial Arts Family Facebook page. It is most effective to include a photo along with some text explaining the challenge and its impact. For parents who wish to participate but do not use Facebook, please visit the front desk for instructions on how to take part.

We kindly request that if you have a Facebook account, you engage in the process by posting on our private Facebook page, as it is the most convenient method for our staff to keep track of task completion.

Below, you’ll find the list of Life Skills, associated stripes, and the corresponding challenges:

Camo– Excitement – Demonstrate a Black Belt Attitude

Pink– Positivity – Fill out and share a picture of the Positivity Journal
Get the file here:

Teal– Standards – Set the dinner table correctly and share a picture

Gray– Gratitude – Complete the “We Love Martial Arts” Exercise
Get instructions here: