The importance of teaching kids to avoid negative peer pressure

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Clayton Karate Teaches Kids to Avoid Peer Pressure

Hey parents. This is Scot with Revolution Modern Martial Arts and since 2009, we have helped thousands of kids build their confidence and discipline so they can be more successful at home, school, and in life.

Now, what do you think would happen if we took 100 teenagers from all over the country and we put them into a gymnasium and we shut the door, gave them no instructions, and left them alone? I’m pretty confident that within a short period of time they’d divide themselves into groups. Now, ask yourself this question, which group do I want my child to be in?

If you’re like most parents, the very first reaction is to hope that they’re gonna link up with kids who are a positive influence, but so many parents feel powerless over which peers their child will choose to be influenced by. And parents should worry that TV, music, the internet, and other people could have more influence over their kids than they do.

As a parent myself, I know that it’s a justifiable concern that our kids could fall into the wrong crowd and start making bad decisions and let’s be honest, we all know where that can lead to.

So, how do you prevent your kids from getting in with the wrong crowd?

Well here’s the deal, you decide now to make sure they will be in the right group and make the correct decision before they ever enter those difficult teenage years. The time to really start working on this is when your child is between the ages of three and 12 years old. The number one thing that is really going to contribute to your child making those good decisions is confidence.

When your child has the self-confidence to know right from wrong and to stand by their decisions, they’re going to be immune to negative peer pressure. This is important because peer pressure preys on a child’s lack of belief in themself. It exploits the false belief that in order to be accepted, they need to do what everyone else does. So, the antidote for peer pressure is self-confidence because a self-confident child is going say “I don’t care what everyone else thinks, I know what is right, I know what’s wrong, and I’m gonna stand by the best decision.”

So, the question isn’t how do we make sure they don’t get into the wrong crowd, the real question we need to be asking is how do we cultivate that confidence in our children?

I wanna give you a quick little idea that can help you start giving your child a boost in confidence right now. The trick is to catch your kids doing things right instead of looking for what they did wrong. Also, ask your child what he or she enjoyed doing today to find the things that made them feel strong and empowered. Find the areas where they did a great job and shine a bright light on it. People say where our energy goes, our focus goes. If we key in on what our child is doing right and what they’re good at, not only will they continue to repeat those positive behaviors, but they’re going feel good about themselves. They will start having the confidence they need to make the best choices.

Listen, the fact you’re reading this right now really indicates you’re a dedicated parent and you truly care about your child’s future. So, I want to thank you for a minute. Not just for reading this message, but for your effort and your care of how your children turn out.

I think you and I can both agree, even though we may have never met, that we live in a pretty good country and we agree that the fabric of America’s made up of the people that live here. Our kids are the next generation of people that will define what this country stands for. By being the parent you are and by dedicating yourself to making sure your child really makes the best decisions, you are ensuring that our country is going to be left in the hands of great individuals. That is truly something important and it makes you an exceptional parent.

So, I want to offer you my respect and my support. Anyway, this is Scot signing off and if you know anybody who might benefit from hearing this message, please feel free to share.